D-Day: A Millennials Guide


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Your one-stop answer book to the knowledge and excitement of D-Day and it’s 75th commemoration. Part history, part tour guide and part just plain fun, the book is a one-of-a-kind reading experience.

D-Day is one of the most recognizable terms in World War II lore and the invasion of Europe that it signifies is being commemorated in a big way in Europe in the spring of 2019. D-Day – 75th Anniversary – A Millennials’ Guide goes beyond dates and figures and breaks down the history and happenings of the event that insured Allied victory into Past, Present and Future. Learn about the big personalities that put the invasion in motion and planned the details. See the awesome equipment – tanks, planes and ships – that made it possible. Meet the players on both sides of the battle and how they teamed up or fought each other to achieve victory.

The book also follows the D-Day legacy, with updates on Band of Brothers, secrets of Saving Private Ryan and other D-Day films as well as tips on how to find D-Day personalities in your own family tree. Connect with the 75th anniversary events on social media or in person – a World War II English pub crawl, French coffeehouses with a past and the who, what and where of next June’s ceremonies in Great Britain and France. 336 pages, softcover.


Here is what readers and reviewers have been saying about the book D-Day 75th Anniversary – A Millennials Guide:

Wonderful! Superb job in getting a fine group of individual chapter authors for this terrific book!
–Col. Jerry D. Morelock, PhD, Author of Generals of the Bulge: Leadership in the US Army’s Greatest Battle

The book effortlessly draws the reader into that fateful history of 75 years ago while establishing the context of the invasion in 20th Century history. 
–Rick Martin, Book Reviewer,  AmrchairGeneral.com

This book is the kind I would like to see in high school libraries and used in their modern American History courses. It’s a book that should help people who did not live through that era get a clearer understanding of what was happening back then.
–Richard P. Haven, Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater