Stalingrad – New Perspectives on an Epic Battle, Volume 1: The Doomed City


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Historical facts have been deliberately distorted, and much has been swept under the carpet. In order to find the real story, it is necessary to go to the primary sources – on both sides!

* Why was Stalingrad so important?
* The unknown German defeat in the first battle of Stalingrad
* How Finland (!) negatively affected the battle of Stalingrad for the Germans
* How the Red Army learned and developed new operational skills
* The Luftwaffe’s largest and never before discussed mistake in 1942
* Soviet “death soldiers”

In addition, many myths are dismantled and the truth revealed, for example:

* The myth of the Red Army’s blocking troops
* The myth that the Red Army voluntarily withdrew
* The myth that the Germans arrogantly tried to bite off more than they could chew
* The myth of the importance of Lend-Lease supplies from the United States to the Soviet Union
* The myth of “Hitler’s mistakes”

  • Illustrated with many previously unseen photos
  • Includes large and detailed maps
  • 330 pages, hardcover
  • Format: 6″ x 9″