Battle of the Bulge: Stories from Those Who Fought and Survived


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On December 16, 1944, artillery shells from 250,000 German troops screamed down on 80,000 unsuspecting American troops — many still in their teens –in the Ardennes Forest of Belgium.
It was the beginning of one of World War II’s biggest battles. Every one of the young replacements — many new to combat — wondered if he would survive.
On that terrifying first day, some men face danger up close and personal. John Wearly becomes separated from Company M, 39th Infantry, 99th Division. Will the enemy find him in the snowy mountains before he reaches the Allied front lines?
Bob Staggs of the 467th Engineer Battalion fires half-track machine guns at a sniper in a village’s church steeple. How many more shots will he and his crew have to dodge?
Beresford Clarke, a mechanical engineering student from Purdue University drafted into Patton’s Third Army 26th Yankee Division, fights the enemy house-to-house on his 21st birthday. Will he live to celebrate his 22nd?
The free world was saved by these and thousands of other real-life heroes who believed in freedom for all. You will never forget their incredible acts of heroism and courage.

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