Captured: Stories of American World War II Prisoners of War


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“No one can imagine what it is like to be interned in a prison camp for three years, to be beaten and tortured, worked to the point of exhaustion daily and to live in filth and disease. I was one of the few who marched into one of those hellholes and marched out, a survivor.” These grim words from a Bataan Death March American soldier’s journal reprinted in the book tell the true story of what prisoners of war – many of them teens — experienced from 1941-1945. Other stories of the eight in this volume include:The radio operator of a B-17 on a prison ship with 1,800 ill men. Will his sickness prevent him from experiencing liberation? A sailor escaping from his Japanese captors, only to be betrayed back into their hands. Can he summon the fortitude to carry on through months of ill health, back-breaking work, and lack of food?A ball turret gunner who dared to escape, not once but four times from his German captors. Can he get a message to American forces before his prison is bombed? The book includes excerpts of letters written by the POWs to families and letters from their families to them.
Softcover, Format: 6″ x 9″