About Us

Jay Wertz

Author & Creative Director

Producer of content for all existing media platforms, from feature films for theater audiences to award-winning hard-cover books. For thirty-five years he has built a private archive of historic event coverage, interviews, photographs, artwork and other elements that can be used in a variety of products.

Bill Breidenstine

Publisher & General Manager

A marketer of published and collectable products for more than twenty-five years. He has supervised the printing and publication of dozens of books. He has operated in-house advertising for several firms, with strengths in marketing print design and direct marketing techniques.

Kevin Johnson

Digital and Design Director

Graphic designer and art director of multiple editorial publications and websites. He has conceptualized and developed magazine titles, maps & graphics, digital apps for Apple & Android platforms. From initial concept and creation to advertising the finished product, he has overseen many product through to fruition.

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Mission Statement


We are a multi-media publisher of high-quality nonfiction with an emphasis on military history. Monroe also offer a variety of nonfiction and historical fiction including: novels, YA stories of history, pop-culture, comic books, adult coloring books and more!